Training Feldenkrais

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Audio Recordings

Audio Recordings

1       Monthly Lesson

A monthly proposition for you to discover or further explore, on your own or with a small group of friends, an ATM class with a particular theme. The length of the classes is between 40’ and 1h30.

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Désolé. Ce formulaire n'est plus disponible.

  • January: "Moving the pelvis on the clock (12 to 6). Initiating movement from different places and in different configurations“(this class is an extract from the series “The head, a periscope to sense the outside world”),

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Discover all available mp3 recordings of Feldenkrais workshops by François Combeau here

2        Sessions records

For those of you who wish to practice François Combeau’s classes at home, or for those who wish to review classes that you may have already done while participating in one of François’ workshops, you may buy live recordings of classes with particular themes. These are available as MP3 recorded CDs or for immediate download:

  • The Adventure of the Human Species
  • Mobility of the Spinal Column
  • The principal Articulations of the Human Body
  • The pelvis, the seat of life and strength
  • The feet, the dynamic support of action
  • The tools of clear, precise articulation

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