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François Combeau

François Combeau

François Combeau firstly graduated as a speech therapist as well as having received formal classical singing training and that from Marie-Louise Aucher at the Roy Hart Theatre as well as from a variety of other singers with different styles. This variety allowed François to develop an understanding of the many facets of vocal expression beyond that of conventional models.

He later completed a professional training in the Feldenkrais Method, Awareness Through Movement® and Functional Integration®. In his quest to learn and understand himself better, both physically and humanly, François also took classes in dance, mime, various relaxation techniques, studied the concepts of stability and force that form the basis of martial arts practices, as well as the principals of traditional Chinese medicine, meditation Zen and Taoist yoga.

As a Feldenkrais practitioner and educator for more than 30 years and having participated in on-going programs of trainings and post-graduate trainings specifically directed at qualified Feldenkrais Practitioners, François Combeau has successfully synthetized all that he has personally learnt and experienced. This capacity to synthetize now enables him to offer his own specialized pedagogical approach of “somatic development” and “Awareness through Movement and Voice”.

More than 30 years ago François opened his centre “L’Espace du Temps Présent” which is home to the various activities, workshops and seminars proposed by his association “Le Geste Vocal”. The aim of “Le Geste Vocal” is the practice and study of all forms of expression involving movement and voice.

The seminars and workshops and individual and group classes proposed by François both in France and in other countries are aimed not only at professionals, educators, teachers, singers, actors or musicians but also those of the general public who are engaged in the process of self development.

François Combeau has also taught in on-going education programs for both the National Education and Paris regional education in France, the “Atelier Lyrique” of the Lyon Opera, music, theatre and dance schools, and also given courses to professional Speech Therapists, Physiotherapists and Educators.

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