The Head, a periscope to sense the outside world

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The Head, a periscope to sense the outside world

When true verticality returns, the Head, the bearer of the sensory functions, recovers total freedom of movement.

When man discovered true verticality, he considerably expanded his field of observation and action. This new orientation relative to gravity led to the development of the front of the brain and gave access to the higher functions of the central nervous system.

The head, which bears the sensory organs, has acquired total freedom of movement, broader visual and auditory fields and the perception of contrasts. It swivels on the seventh cervical vertebra, which provides the "unstable stability" for it to remain upright without having to be held up by the neck muscles.

When the larynx dropped under the effect of gravity, its suspenders developed while the voice widened its range, became more mobile, and the pharyngeal crossroads opened. The tongue moved back, making room for increasingly differentiated language in terms of phonetics as well as colors (movements of the soft palate, pharynx …) and intonations etc.
In other words all these functions depend on the balance of the head and the freedom of each cervical vertebra.

With constantly renewed curiosity and creative attention to his own way of proceeding, each student will feel movement become easier, greater freedom in day-to-day activities and a true and open relationship with the outside world..

  1. The dynamic self image of the Head as it relates to the environment. – Duration : 45 mins’
  2. Bending the Head to look down (supine) – Duration : 1H00’
  3. Developing the important relationship between the Eyes and the orientation of the Head (supine) – Duration : 1H15’
  4. On the Belly. Lifting the Head forward with sight and smell – Duration : 1H15’
  5. The dynamic relationship between the Head, Eyes, Ankles and Hip-joints (supine) – Duration : 1H18’
  6. Tilting the Head left and right (supine) – Duration : 1H05’
  7. Moving the Head like "windshield wipers" – Duration : 1H27’
  8. Pigeon movements with the Head and Neck (supine) – Duration : 1H10’
  9. Pigeon movements on the belly – Duration : 1H05’
  10. Maintaining mobility and suppleness in C7/T1 when moving the Head, Arms, Pelvis, Legs (supine) – Duration : 1H15’
  11. Using the Eyes and Nostrils to turn around ourselves 360 degrees – Duration : 55 mins’


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