Walking with a light, balanced step

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Walking with a light, balanced step

Walking means going forward, leaving a state of equilibrium to start moving. In this workshop, we shall explore :

  • how to anchor each step in order to remain stable while at the same time pushing off from the ground in order to go forward;
  • how to equalize the bending of the leg in order to lighten the step and protect the joints;
  • how to feel the foot solidly anchored while being able to make the subtle adjustments necessary to adapt to the surface of the ground below.

From head to foot, what kinds of mobility and availability do we need from our joints so as to keep our balance at every moment while walking or running?

How can we develop and equalize the bending of the leg joints (hip, knees, ankle) in order to improve the extension of the leg, make our movements lighter, and preserve the health of our joints?

Why is it important to be able to move the pelvis in all three dimensions

How does the “push” of the feet against the ground get transmitted throughout the entire skeleton and notably along the spinal column?

What is the role of the mobility of the ankle and the many foot joints in the search for equilibrium and adaptation to all the surfaces and inclinations of the ground we walk on?

What differentiations are necessary so that the head, eyes, and arms remain free when we walk?

When walking becomes lighter and more balanced and requires less effort, it not only allows us to move but becomes a regenerating physical activity accessible to everyone. Finding a stable, dynamic contact with the ground means being able to propel oneself into action with a light step.

  1. Dynamique self-image of the Leg -Duration : 36’
  2. Lying on the back, bending the knee forward (beginning) – Duration : 24’
  3. Lying on the back, bending the knee forward (continuation) – Duration : 29’
  4. Equal bending of the three joins of the leg (sitting on the floor) – Duration : 1H26’
  5. Finding lengh on the back of the leg – Duration : 1H17’
  6. Passively bending the ankle while rolling the heel backward – Duration : 1H15’
  7. Bending the ankle while rolling eyes and head – Duration : 1H08’
  8. Lifting the heel while bringing the knee forward (opening the front part of the lumbar -spine) – Duration : 1H06’
  9. Finding the leaning point when lifting the heel – Duration : 55’
  10. How C7 is part of the walking scenario – Duration : 1H34’


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