The tools of clear, precise articulation

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The tools of clear, precise articulation

The mouth is the physical support for language and thought, but it is also a space of resonance for the voice and an element of the face’s expressive gesture. Speaking, singing, and expressing mean sculpting forms, tracing lines, setting space into movement through an infinite number of subtle variations.

Exploring or becoming aware of the space of the mouth and improving the mobility of the different facial organs (jaws, lips, tongue, soft palate) allow us to rediscover the pleasure of freely articulating our thoughts and emotions in a way that is more personal, authentic, and spontaneous.

A mouth in movement recounts life with enthusiasm and delight.

During this series of lessons, by exploring simple but sometimes unaccustomed movements, executed with curiosity rather than effort, we shall rediscover the relaxation, flexibility, and fluidity of the different tools of differentiated articulation. We shall investigate the relationship between these elements, the cervical column, and all of our body parts. We shall see what happens, for example, when we stimulate the soft palate, which, through its mobility, plays a major role in the development of clear harmonics and light sound.

Because of the importance of the mouth’s presence at the level of the motor cortex, the differentiation exercises proposed will constitute a veritable dialogue with the nervous system and the self. We shall regain the possibility of clear, differentiated articulation that allows our face to assume all the richness of its expressions and gestures.

  1. Opening the Jaw, with Eye movement, Ankle and Pelvis rolling – Duration : 1H04’
  2. "Pigeon" movement of Head and movement of Tongue and Jaw. – Duration : 52’
  3. Breathing through the Nostrils and sliding the Shoulder Blades. – Duration : 38’
  4. Cervical mobility differenciation with Head , Pelvis and Yawning – Duration : 41’
  5. Turning inside and outside of Upper Lip. – Duration : 59’
  6. Turning out the lower Lip and movement of the Head, Eyes and Pelvis; in sitting, lying on the Back and on the Stomach. – Duration : 54’
  7. Lip mobility in relation with the turning from Back to Stomach. – Duration : 1H04’
  8. Exploring Innerspace of the Mouth, moving the soft-palate by imagination. – Duration : 1H04’


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