The feet, the dynamic support of action

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The feet, the dynamic support of action : Feeling stable bearings means being at home everywhere.

When man found true verticality, his field of observation and action expanded considerably. Through the feet, which root him, he is in constant touch with the inexpendable energy of the ground. The feet are also the meeting point between the horizontality of the ground and the verticality of the body.

Above the ankle there are over fifty joints that contribute to human balance. Any imbalance is bound to lead to compensatory use of the muscles in order to hold up the skeleton, thereby reducing its capacity to move.

The bearings are the dynamic expression of two equal opposite forces : weight (in conjunction with gravity) and the reverse force of whatever touches the ground (theory of bi-verticalism). The bearings of man are not only physical but mental. The mind can add to or reduce the effect of gravity.

Through awareness situations and the exploration of movements, it is proposed to develop the many sensors in the feet, for more functional management of balance (standing up, walking, singing, dancing, skiing, etc.) ; Discover the amazing links between the bearings of the feet on the ground and breathing, seeing, vocal expression and more generally, our physical and mental attitude to action and our surroundings ; Refine differentiation between the various parts of the foot, ankle and toes, leading to full sensori-motor capacity of the feet to adapt to differences in terrain and situations.

This work will also constitute a dialogue with the upper layers of the brain, since the feet are highly represented in the motor cortex.

  1. Dynamic self-image. The potential of movement within the joints of the leg – Duration : 40’
  2. Sinking into the floor with the foot – Duration : 1H15’
  3. Sliding the left foot around a bent right leg – Duration : 1H25’
  4. Pushing ourselves away from the floor with the left foot. The repulsion force – Duration : 1H20’
  5. Freedom to transfer the mass. All action requires a change in the way in which we lean – Duration : 1H15’
  6. Bending the ankle by rolling onto the back of the heel – Duration : 42’
  7. Sliding the right foot to the right, keeping full contact with the sole of the foot – Duration : 1H35’
  8. On the stomach, bending the ankle using different tendencies
  9. Duration : 1H00
  10. Developing the arch of the foot by sliding the toes towards the heel – Duration : 1H20’
  11. Lifting the pelvis off the floor, unrolling the chain of vertebrae while transferring the mass from one foot to the other – Duration : 45’


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