To live in Freedom, breathe in Freedom

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To live in Freedom, breathe in Freedom

« Go beyond what is breathing, there you will find breath » (Shri Aurobindo)

Breathing is a universal, dynamic process in which man is included. It manifests itself in us through respiration, apparent as inhalation and exhalation. This is a two-way flow between the inner and outer worlds, a gateway to All.

This dynamic process does not belong to us. It is a cycle triggered without any intervention of the mind and sustained beyond our control. Yet we can intervene through voluntary muscles which shrink or expand spaces and impose shapes.
This duality can be difficult to accept at times. All our work on breathing, the changes we are seeking and the control we are striving to acquire should never relegate breathing to a possession – under the ownership of the Ego or a creation of the mind. When breathing loses its natural rhythm and spontaneous dynamism, it loses its linking function and rapidly becomes an ill-adapted response to our needs « here and now ».
Unicity and balance are the features of healthy breathing. For all parts of the body to live and breathe fully, the chest must be stripped of its armour, the face must allow the passages (nostrils, pharynx, glottis…) to loosen, and the spine must recover its wholeness and flexibility, so as to track the wave of breath as it wells up from the abdomen, travels right through the body and unfurls across the face.
If nothing is there to impede this dynamic process, breathing can remain free and adapt to the reality of both worlds while meeting our needs, intentions, activities, emotional states and relationships. It faithfully shadows our physical life as well as the subtlechanges in our emotional life.
  1. Differentiated breathing whether active or passive, whether holding or letting go
  2. Breathing in expanding the inner volume to the pelvic floor
  3. Opening the front of the lumbar spine,mobilizing the diaphragm back “pillars
  4. Expanding nostrils in different directions while inhaling
  5. Extending the lower abdomen in different directions
  6. Breaking breathing patterns (0h35)
  7. Rolling the eye along the diameter of a clock while inhaling
  8. Seesaw movements various configurations
  9. Sliding the Scapula on the ribcage
  10. Mobility of the sternum as though a prow  of a ship , #1
  11. Mobility of the sternum as though a prow  of a ship,  #2
  12. Lying on the side, turning the arm and ribcage during the long exhalation




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