The Shoulder Joint : It’s Freedom, Mobility, Neutrality

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The Shoulder Joint : It’s Freedom, Mobility, Neutrality


  1. Dynamic self image. Imagining moving the shoulder in different directions. (supine)
  2. Finding " neutral being" when moving the arm into internal/external rotation, in different configurations.
  3. Differentiating the numerous movements with the humerus head, the shoulder and the chest. (on the side)
  4. A more dynamic diagonal between left shoulder and right hip joint … (supine)
  5. Transferring the mass when lifting the shoulder of the floor. (supine)
  6. Hands on belly or behind the back, moving humerus head or elbow in different configurations …
  7. Continuation of lesson 6 moving humerus head…
  8. On the side, bringing the forearm towards the floor behind the back…
  9. Finding a neutral place for the arms while supine by discovering the mobility of the chest and spine between the scapula/ shoulder blades..


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